Pizza Pop Recipe Step 2

For the use with the Gourmet Gadgetry Cake Pop Maker or Retro 3 in 1 Sweet Snack Maker!

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  • 1. Turn on your machine and allow it to pre-heat while you make your pizza mixture.
  • 2. Thoroughly mix all the ingredients in with the dough. Have fun getting messy with your hands!
  • 3. Why not add your favourite toppings- MAKING SURE that you chop them up really small. Toppings you can add include mushrooms, ham, onions, bacon, peppers and many more.
  • 4. Open the machine and spray with a little spray oil when it is ready. Add a spoonful of mixture to each cavity and close the lid.
  • 5. In 4-5 minutes your pizza pops should be ready if not close the lid and leave to cook for a further 2 minutes until golden brown.
  • 6. Carefully remove each pizza pop from the machine and serve immediately with your choice of dip!

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